"Jane Moore has been across Britain looking at inspiring planting and design and this week is at Driftwood in East Sussex, a small garden by the sea that's full of character."
Monty Don in his introduction to feature on Gardeners' World 23rd September 2016.

"Thanks so much for today. I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your fabulous garden. I knew, from what I'd read and been told, that it would be a real gem, but it was even better than I'd expected, packed with colour, interest, and charm. There was something to enjoy at every turn, and I genuinely loved it."
Richard Jackson of Richard Jackson's Garden, after his visit on 22nd September 2016.

"Your entry was always a real stand-out and genuinely was knocking on the door for the top prize all the way. It will be such a pleasure to share more pictures of your garden with our readers over the coming months."
Lucy Hall, Editor Gardeners' World Magazine, on telling Geoff the results of the Garden of the Year Competition, 17th October 2016

Read below a selection of comments by visitors, competition judges and journalists, from all events, written about the garden, taken from social media and the garden visitors' book since 2009.

Read the latest comments by visitors posted on TripAdvisor via the links in top left box.

If you have visited the garden and want to leave a comment, please write your own review here.

Judges comments in BBC Gardeners' World Magazine, Garden of the Year competition results 21st October 2016

"I really like the way he's used the wider landscape."
Adam Frost, RHS Gold Medal winning designer and Gardeners' World presenter.

"He has really clever planting with lots of bedding, which is a great idea when you're gardening by the sea."
Martin Fish, gardening writer, TV and radio presenter.

"Your entry was always a real stand-out and genuinely was knocking on the door for the top prize all the way. It will be such a pleasure to share more pictures of your garden with our readers over the coming months."
Lucy Hall, Editor Gardeners' World Magazine

"It's clear it's a deeply personal garden,and I really like the use of the quirky features."
Janine Pattinson, award winning landscape designer and RHS horticulturalist.

"I really like the way he's incorporated seaside items."
Liz Challoner, keen gardener and represeantative of Cobra Garden Machinery, sponsor.

Social Media comments following Gardeners' World broadcast on 23rd September 2016

"It was a stunning garden, a masterpiece of integrated plants and sculptures."
Eileen Elder.

"I've just watched the Gardeners' World episode featuring your garden. A truly magical space! Loved it."
Tina Waldfee.

"Good Morning World! Love, love, loving Driftwood. Geoff it's stunning!"
Sara Venn.

"After following your blog, delighted to see your stunning garden on Gardeners' World. Plenty of interesting ideas."
Linda Casper.

"Driftwood, just seen you on Tv!!!! Really nice garden!"
James Staples.

"I would love a gunnera and when we do our pond next year, we will now have one thanks to you!!"
Jane Wynne.

Visit by Richard Jackson's garden crew 22nd September 2016

"Thanks so much for today. I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your fabulous garden. I knew, from what I'd read and been told, that it would be a real gem, but it was even better than I'd expected, packed with colour, interest, and charm. There was something to enjoy at every turn, and I genuinely loved it."
Richard Jackson.

Great supportive tweet from Christine Walkden prior to the BBC Gardeners' World broadcast, 22nd September.
Gardeners' World Filming 25th August 2016

"We really enjoyed filming with you, it was a great day. Your garden is fabulous. And the cake was excellent too! I hope you and Mark had a good Bank Holiday weekend. We'll be in touch about the broadcast date. All the best."
Emma Fitzmaurice, Director, BBC2 Gardeners' World.

6 day Artwave Festival 2016

"Once again, superb - art, garden and edibles! Orange & polenta cake and savoury muffins!"
Jane McCallum.

"Enchanting art, gardens, lovely people and delicious food!"
Jayne Glad Leonard & Steve Jones

"Lovely visit again to your wonderful garden- stunning art with delicious coffee and cake!"
John & Valerie Parker.

The National Gardens Scheme 31st July 2016

"My very, very favourite garden!"
Michelle Mealing.

"Thank you for letting us visit your beautiful garden! It's a dream garden!"
M Hood

"Wonderful garden, full of love and inspiration. A haven!"
Nicola Perkins.

" Amazed at how many plants have been fitted in! A real labour of love and stunning!"
Sue & Geoff Tucker

Wonderful thank you card received from The States, following visit on 4th July

Great recommendation from Christine Walkden on Twitter: 26th July 2016.
Family Support Work Day 23rd July 2016

"Such an inspiring garden. So much to see, just packed with flowers, so colourful. And the cakes are to die for! Heide and I enjoyed the coffee and walnut cake! Thank you for supporting FSW."
Elaine Waight.

"Lovely to see you again Geoff and your wonderful garden. Even though I knew what to expect this time when I went down the side of the house it was still such a 'Wow' moment seeing all the beautiful plants and shrubs. All are in such perfect condition and clearly so happy in their positions."
Gina Coleman, Ham, London.

"Mind-blowingly beautiful, thank you."
Sandy Hills.

" Wonderful experience! Travelled all the way from Bolton in Lancashire to see this!"
Sue Reddington

"A beautiful garden with so many delightful vistas and wonderful atmosphere."
Liz & Roy Steadman.

Telscombe Cliffs WI 20th July 2016

"And very lovely it was too! Thank you Geoff and your background team for making our visit so enjoyable. We all loved it. Gardens are just beautiful and tea and cakes delightful."
Pam Winton.

"Beautiful gardens, something to see in all corners. Fantastic!"
Diane Darroch

National Gardens Scheme 19th July 2016

"Quite the best, most exciting and inspiring garden I've seen in years. Fantastic!"
Trevor & Bronwen Smith.

"Thank you Geoff ( et al) for such a wonderful afternoon on the hottest day, yet. What a superb garden you have, with all the essences of good gardening...secret places, continuous succession flowers and a wonderful mix of plants. The pieces of art and mirrors were beautifully placed. Thank you also for giving us the background of the development of the garden. You work so tirelessly for good causes"
Marilyn Oliver, group organiser

"Just loved your gorgeous garden, all credit to you for your hard work."
Diane Rose & Mike Cotes

"What a beautiful day to enjoy your outstanding garden."
Sue & Ray Warner.

Sue Mitchell's 60th Birthday Celebration 18th July 2016

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day. We are both in awe of your garden and can only reiterate how staggeringly beautiful and original both out front and the 'main event' gardens are. You clearly have not only a lively imagination and amazing artistic flair but the determination to source just the right plant along with just the right artefact for each and every part of the garden. The result is literally breathtaking. As I mentioned when we met, l am so chuffed that l could spend time with my husband in your private refuge, without a jostling crowd of visitors and we really enjoyed your hospitality and private lunch /tea and cake. Most of all it was a privilege to meet you. I am sure the charities you support are most grateful for the work that you do. I only hope they appreciate the amount of hard work you put in!"
Sue Mitchell, Angmering.

Hurstpierpoint Horticultural Society, 13th July 2016

"Thank you SO much for such an enjoyable visit today. We were all amazed and enthralled by your garden; your dedication, motivation and enthusiasm is inspirational. Thank you for being such a wonderful host, the cakes were absolutely delicious. All the awards and accolades are well deserved. Keep up the good work."
Clare Kabza, Group Organiser.

"A real Alice In Wonderland! So, so delightful!"
Lyn Taylor

"So many lovely plants in a confined space!"
Sue Deane.

Macmillan Coastal Garden Trail 9th & 10th July 2016

"One of the most delightful gardens I have ever seen. Geoff Stonebanks has a beautiful, colourful, clever and fun garden . You have to just be stunned by the imagination of it all. The cakes were lovely and to sit in the garden and drink tea is just wonderful."
Shirley Linsell

"An amazing garden so interesting"
Liz & Roger Steele

"From the moment you approach this garden you are overwhelmed by the brilliance of the design and colourful planting. There is not an inch of space uncovered, with every plant looking happy in its position in the overall scheme. The owner greets everyone with such enthusiasm, and there are details about the transformation which has taken place over the years dotted about i n the many seating areas. Well worth a visit when this garden is opened up to the public during the year."
Patricia from Bexhill on Trip Advisor

Special Tours Group, Philadelphia USA, 4th July 2016

"Went to Sissinghurst after touring your garden. My friend preferred yours! You have such an unique & special garden. All the passion & love you have put into it is very obvious! Such a pleasure to meet you. I am grateful for such a lovely lasting memory!"
Becky Short

"Wonderful garden!"
Mary Jane & Victor Risch

"Amazing - just wonderful! "
Claudia Zink

Hilliers Garden Group through Brookland Travel, 29th June 2016

"Fantastic! I am so inspired! You should be so proud."
Shirley McCullen

"A fine experience with the garden and the enthusiasm"
Rex Wade.

"A lovely garden, so inspiring and great fun. Thank you "
Maureen Fry.

"...... all brought together with love and genius."
Peter Foulkes, Winchester.

National Gardens Scheme 28th June 2016

"We visited Geoff and his beautiful garden on 28 June when it was open under the National Garden Scheme. This was our second visit to the garden from our home in Dorset and we shall certainly go again. Geoff makes everyone feel so welcome and you are encouraged to sit and relax and take as long as you want to explore the garden. There's a summer house where you can read all about the creation of the garden over the years. Cakes & refeshments on sale and also an interesting collection of sculptures & artistic pieces for sale. Don't forget to buy a couple of plants to take home, then you can have your own little bit of Driftwood. You will be truly inspired by the planting in the garden and the use of many props! A garden not to be missed. We have visited many NGS gardens over the years and this is definately our favourite."
Vanessa Clark, Poole, Dorset via Trip Advisor.

"Inspirational! Expertly planned and planted! Thank you for letting us see it."
Paul & Enid Hoh, New Zealand

"Our second visit here! Geoff is an inspiration! We love the garden. "
Vanessa & Brian Clark, Poole Dorset.

"Absolutely fantastic, what a wonderful world you've created. Thank you. "
Tracy McRobert.

"Just amazing what you have achieved. So imaginative! "
Michael Bishop.

Photo Shoot by Coast Magazine 27th June 2016

"Thank you! It was a real pleasure to meet you all and to see your garden today, which is a truly uplifting and inspiring place, thanks again for a great shoot and the incredible cake! "
Alex Reece, journalist.

Geertruidenberg Garden Club (The Netherlands) 24th June 2016

"Lovely garden, lovely people! "
Peter Layzell

"Creative/beautiful combinations, nice colours. Nice person!"
Rica Blommers

"Nice "pirate" place we'll remember it! "
Annette & Joop Van Roekel

Nice comment from Christine Walkden on Twitter on 12th June.
National Gardens Scheme 9th June 2016

"Amazing - such talent, it is inspirational! "
Val Thomas

"Another wonderful visit in delightful surroundings/plantings, yummy food and so friendly and helpful! "
Mary & John Portway

"Fantastic use of space! "
Helen Bowers

Mayor's Open Garden Trail 5th June 2016

"Just wanted to say once again how amazing it is to be able to come and see your stunning, wonderland of a garden!!! I say wonderland as I feel a bit like Alice as I walk through the different paths and find so many lovely details, little and big surprises here and there, and it amazes me every time! I just love the whimsical feeling you managed to create and having followed your social media pages for a year now, I have been able to see all the love and dedication you put into it. Well done guys, you amaze and inspire me! Xxxxx."
Carol Campbell, Deputy Mayor Seaford.

" First timers! Lovely garden, very restful, wonderful cakes."
Debbie & Steve Lamb

" It doesn't matter how many times we come to this garden, there is always something new to see. Beautiful!."
Jane & Tony Mitchell

" Beautiful and relaxing, could sit here all day!."
Rosemarie White

Rainbow Group from Eastbourne 2nd June 2016

" It's a mind map! I love it!. It's inspiring! Brilliant! Thank you for hosting our group!"
Michael Stiles

" Amazing! Lots of ideas to pinch!"
John Wheller & Richard Flint

Lovely card received after visit which can be read here .

Nice recommendation by The English Garden Magazine and Christine Walkden on Twitter 31st May 2016
Artwave Festival. 22nd August to 6th September 2015

" Geoff Stonebanks certainly knows how to raise money and promote artistic works! What a driven force."
Joan Pullman

" Wonderful garden, cake and exceptional art."
Fiona, Matthew and Edward Lewis

" Fantastic. What a wonderful garden and great artwork."
Barbara & Jim

" Completely fulfiled our expectaions. Thank you for all your good work."
Toni and Alex Spence-Holey

Comment in Sunday Telegraph 23rd August 2015.

"I was overwhelmed and charmed, and wondered how so many plants have fitted into such a perfectly formed space? Geoff's enthusiasm is catching and he and his amazing garden deserve every visitor that makes their way up his enchanting garden path."
Francine Raymond, journalist.

Rotherfield Gardening Club 12th August 2015

"What an amazing garden. So much in so little space, a real labour of love. Thank you so much for letting us see it and for all your fundraising, it's a charity close to my heart as my sister has had cause to use them this last year!"
Naomi Berwick

Ringmer Gardening Club 11th August 2015

"A totally amazing garden so much to see but what an achievement. I hate to leave."
Carol Blakiston

"What an amazing garden I can hardly wait to return. Thank you for a fantastic afternoon!"
Margaret Constable.

National Gardens Scheme 9th August 2015

"Absolutely brilliant! we see many of these NGS gardens but yours is up there with the best!"
Jenny Dawson & Nora pelling East Grinstead.

"Words fail me - a fascinating tribute to a vision and hard work."
Mike and Penny Austin.

"I'll be back with my husband. He lives on the Isle of Mull so it'll be a long journey but very worth it. Loved every part of the afternoon. Quite inspirational. I want a garden just like it"
Pennie Killingsworth posted on facebook after visiting.

"Words - inadequate."
The Chasman's East Sussex.

Visit by Jean Vernon, freelance journalist, 6th August 2015

"Open the garden gate and the first impression is a cacophony of colour, interest and impact, not in a blousy kitch way, but more like poking your head into a secret wonderland, hidden in time."
Jean Vernon.

Hailsham U3A Gardening Club 5th August 2015

"Inspiring! If I were a butterfly I'd live here."
Carol Parris

"Fascinating garden always something to look at."
Sue Wilson.

RNLI Mini Trail 2nd August 2015

"Absolutely beautiful - an inspiration to us both. Thank you."
Vanessa and Brian Clark, Poole, Devon.

"A wonderful experience for us both."
Geoff and Jackie Mosely, Bingham, Notts.

Nice comment on twitter from Pauline at Sussex Prairies after their group visit on 28th July 2015
Macmillan Garden Trail 25th & 26th July 2015

"Thanks to you and the team for such an enjoyable day. Everything from the time we arrived to seeing the amazing garden that you have created made our day special. It was as amazing as expected. The facebook pictures do not even show the magic touches. Love it! So special."
Angela & Gerald Taylor, Paignton, Devon.

"What a surprise and what an achievement. Lots of ideas! Thank you!"
Tom & Annette hedges, Bexhill on Sea

"Words fail me - a fascinating tribute to your vision and hard work"
Mike & Penny Austin

Nice comment on twitter from Beverley Jones on 16th July 2015
Organiser of Surrey garden group on 9th July 2015

"Many thanks for your hospitality, tea, talk - and of course your fabulous garden! I think we were all stunned by it and by your achievements, it is amazing! I can see how devoted you are and that, plus all the money you have raised for charity by your hard work, is incredible. I wish you all the very best for the future - for you and your beautiful, quirky garden. It was a pleasure to meet you."
Joan Pullman, Ewell, Surrey

National Gardens Scheme 7th July 2015

"Amazing! Never seen anything like it! Wonderful 82nd birthday treat"
Gwenda Haxwell, Leigh on Sea, Essex

"An inspiration, thank you!"
Mark and Paul, Brixton, South London

"Completely fabulous display of colour and texture! "
Veronika Van Eijk, Hailsham

"Surprising. Amazing. Just fantastic a real pleasure to visit! "
P Hatch, Bexhill on Sea

National Gardens Scheme 25th June 2015

"Worth the special trip from Surrey, an amazing space!"
Sally & Den, Surrey

"Glad we came, it's a credit to you, we drove from Hampton Court!"
J & S Woods

"Amazing feat! Shows real dedication! "
Fran Rawlinson

Mayor's Open Garden Trail 21st June 2015

Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes

"Excellent combination of plants and sculpture, really enjoyed visit!"
Pete, Sue & Margaret, Eastbourne

"Lovely garden, worth travelling from Portsmouth to see! "
Elaine Devine & Peter Stares, Porstmouth

National Gardens Scheme 9th June 2015

"I’m now back home in sunny Ruislip after my wonderful week in Sussex the highlight of which was visiting your stupendously wonderful garden. Your photos don’t do it justice, it was truly inspirational."
Judith Silverman

"Most amazing planting in such a small area, most enjoyable."
A & G Davey

"Can't believe you change it every year! Your imagination amazes us! Well done!"
John & Pauline Allen

"You have to be an idiot to not get the fact that that garden is the love of your life... Oh after Mark, of course... Oh and the dog! It could not possibly be achieved with a few hours work per week. You work so hard and the results are amazing! Thank you for making our summers SO exciting! "
Sarah Flowers, Seaford

A lovely comment from Susan Sturt-Clamp on Facebook in June 2015 after visiting the garden from Vancouver.
A lovely comment from Angela Taylor on Facebook in April 2015 after reading I had received an award from the Mayor of Seaford.
A couple of nice tweets in March 2015
Comments on iTunes Podcast November 2014

"Heard an interview you did with Dave on Back To My Garden; you're inspiring! I am buying a house this summer and have a space roughly your size with a different challenge: I'm in Saskatchewan, winters are long and the growing season is short, and important to gardeners and plants. Will keep an eye on your page!"
Peter MacNaughton, Saskatchewen, Canada

Artwave 23rd August to 7th September 2014

"Reminds me of the lost gardens of Helligan!"
Chris & Kay Young

"A life experience altogether! Thanks!"
Francesca Baschi & Rosalind Dawes

"Really lovely series of sun traps. Shows off the art beautifully."
Roy & Teresa Gregory

"Beautiful garden full of beautiful crafts! What clever people you all are!"
Claire Laker

"Beautiful! Fascinating! Love it all! Thank you."
Adam & Alison Rogers

"The thing is........ once you visit Driftwood you can hardly bear to leave, it is a one in a million place!"
Audrey Peters

"A work of art. Individual and delightful!"
Barbara Grice when visiting for Artwave

National Gardens Scheme 3rd August 2014

Lovely card received after visit which can be read here .
Shirley Carman-Martin - Cuckfield

"Wonderfully imaginative, with incredible detail! Enjoyed every inch!"
Henry & Anne

"This is delightful, every way you turn opens up another vista and endless interest. Thank you so much for showing your passion, skill and hardwork!"
Chris & Jenty Young

"Maximalism triumphs over minimalism any day!"
Darrell & Simon, Arundel

"Excellent planting, a delightful space!"
Julie & Heather Nicholson

Macmillan Coastal Garden Trail 26th & 27th July 2014

"Well! This is the garden of a wizard, it's another world in there!"
June Jaundoo

"Geoff’s garden is a labour of love and a reflection of his generosity!"
Johnathan Kent, Broadcaster

"Delightful perfection!"
Sheila Thomas

"Such a surprise, wonderful garden,with so much to see."
Treena & Kieron

Blatchington Towns Womens Guild Private Visit 24th July 2014

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon. We all enjoyed ourselves and have come away with lots of ideas and inspiration. It is no surprise that so many people want to visit."
Janet Skinner, Group Organiser

National Gardens Scheme 17th July 2014

"Best garden we've ever seen! Thank you."
Jean Norman & Lynne Booth

"One of the most creative gardens I have ever seen and wonderful hospitality in addition. Thank you!"
Brenda Hughes, Uckfield

"A real gem of a garden, love the hidden features.!"
Ella Robinson

Lewes Windmill Trefoil Guild 16th July 2014

"Wow! Blown away by this amazing garden!"
June Denny

"For once in my life I was speechless!"
Carol Armstrong, Wivelsfield

Good Morning Britain Crew 14th July 2014

"When reading about some of the visitors on Geoff's website, I can see why one person said: “It's the most staggering and inspirational garden to show what can be achieved without possessing acres but having an eye, imagination, a love of plants and great energy and enthusiasm. This is a real must see garden'. It certainly was!"
Laura Tobin, Good Morning Britain Weather Girl

RNLI 11th July 2014

"A very interesting garden, thank you for your support of the RNLI!"
Anne & Frank Payne

"Wonderfully interesting, a fresh surprise at every turn!"
Judith & Pat Ost, Mayor of Newhaven

Dandelions Group Visit, 10th July 2014

"We felt that we needed to thankyou again for our visit to your wonderful garden. We really did all say WOW when we entered the rear garden. I could never call it a small garden because it is enormous in interest and design. So clever and flamboyant! We do appreciate all the hard work you must put in to get it looking so brilliant.."
Sue Marden, Leader Dandelions Gardening Group
10th July 2014

St Wilfrid's Hospice 8th July 2014

"Very pleasing riot of colour, imaginatively planted!"
Jo Tigg

"A labour of love! Brilliant garden! Thank you for sharing!"
Diane Burns

National Gardens Scheme 1st July 2014

"Beautiful & inspiring, full of interesting and artistic touches and wonderful planting!"
Marie-Elaine Houghton

"Smashing garden. Love the use of different pots and all the art!"
Sarah Abbot, Woking

"Inspirational and such excellent advice too!"
Mary Portway

Lymm Garden Group Visit 23rd June 2014

"Gorgeous! Just what I want at home in California!"
Mike & Bonnie Goldberg, USA

"Overwhelmigly beautiful!"
Pauline Slattery,

"Brilliant! Lots of inspiration and hard work!"
Elaine & Colin

Mayors' Garden Trail 22nd June 2014

" It was a lovely day, we managed to get round all 9 of the Seaford gardens. Totally in awe of all the hard work and love people have put into their little patches of heaven. Thank you for such a warm welcome Geoff. Driftwood continues to be beguiling and inspiring!"
Kate Prickett, Midhurst,

"There was a wow factor when we entered the back garden!"
Brenda Dennis, Dartford,

"What can I say? Your devotion to and amazing result is all great!"
Kay Young

"Fantasmagorical! Thanks!"
Rod & Margaret Evans

National Gardens Scheme 10th June 2014

"A work of living art, a really clever use of space."
Nats & Vera

"Relaxes the eyes, eases the heart, wonderful"
D Reed

"A real work of art and labour of love. Well done."
Maisy & Alan Foster

"Full of colour, form and excitement, gorgeous!"
Zoe Ford

"Whatever you do, if you get to East Sussex, visit Driftwood Garden on one of their many Open Days for the NGS. It's the most staggering and inspirational garden to show what can be achieved without possessing rolling acres but having an eye, imagination, a love of plants and great energy and enthusiasm. This is a real 'must see' garden."
Sacha Hubbard - Hill House Nursery Devon

Sussex Life Magazine May 2014

"Our expert, Leigh Clapp, has compiled her must-visit gardens for 2014. In Sussex we are blessed with many great gardens including Great Dixter and Nymans but there are other, more unusual treasures to explore such as Geoff Stonebanks's Driftwood in Seaford!"
Jenn Mark-Bell, Editor

Private visit 29th August 2013

"A magical, mystical tour of wonderment and beauty - a feast for the senses - we left with a sense of pleasure and happiness - thank you! "
Sue & Don Maskell

Artwave August & September 2013

"Best I've seen in Artwave! Talented artists and magical garden!"
Lindsay Harman

"I don't think I've ever seen such a special place. Absolutely fabulous xx"
Dawn Monk

"A wonderful juxtaposition of art and nature!"
Jeremy Harrison

"Brilliant garden and lots of fab items - good range of prices too!"
Melissa Hodges

"We really enjoyed your garden and were amazed at the amount of work that had gone into it. Although we could never aspire to such a finished product it gave us lots of inspiration to improve our own garden in Essex. We were surprised at how long we spent there - always a good sign that you were engrossed with all that was going on. Thank you again for such an enjoyable experience."
Peter & Denise Goodyear, Essex

St Wilfrid's Hospice 13th August 2013

"So beautiful it makes me want to cry!"
Cynthia Packard, Redhill

"Beautiful garden, Can I come again please? I wish I had one!! Thank you for opening it to the public!"
Susan Coombs

"Charming, quirky, delightful, so much to see & fabulous plant combinations!"
Jennie Star

National Gardens Scheme 11th August 2013

"Overwhelmed by the transformation, a joy to behold."
Jenny Pulling, Shoreham by Sea

"Plants as it should be! Dense! Eclectic and lovely!"
Pat & Lynne

"The most exciting garden I've seen!"
Sue Edwards and Jeremy Owen

"I loved your garden very much and amazed at your success!"
Dan Griffiths

Macmillan Coastal Garden Trail 3/4 August 2013

"An amazing garden and what a great inspiration. It is a great achievement Geoff."
Sue & Andy Skarstein, Haywards Heath

"Amazing surprise when you come round the back! Stunning! Thank you!"
Jeremy & Sarah Mustoe, Hove

"You have it! Totally enchanting!!"
Sally Attrell

"Moving! Spellbinding!"
Jenny Deakin

"Wow - really well done Geoff and everyone - it has been a pleasure to take part this year. We had a great time at Cranborne Avenue and the weather was just perfect. Your organisation and commitment are amazing Geoff - and what a brilliant amount raised. Thank you and well done."
Pat Latham, Garden Owner on hearing of amount raised.

National Gardens Scheme 21st July 2013

"Hugely impressive - highly imaginitive."
Irene Hall

"Amazing garden and amazing day! So much detail and hard work. A real joy and treasure!"
Pam & Gary from Eastbourne

"A real treat to explore this wonderful garden - Geoff has created something quite special! We'll be back!"
Ken & Shirley Mckay (Cambridge)

"Your garden is fabulous. The most beautiful open garden we have ever been to! (And we've done a few!!)"
Kathy & Vernon Findlay
July 2013

National Gardens Scheme 2nd July 2013

"Magical & stunning planting! Great landscaping and ornamental features. Absolutely wonderful liked it very much! Thank you!
Honore de Gronckel

"Lovely - so much to see. Beautiful condition of everything!"
Sarah & Peter Shrubb

"We have a coastal garden too - but yours is inspirational! The planting is superb and well integrated with the ornaments!"
Lin & David Ring

St Wilfrid's Hospice Secret Garden, 30th June 2013

"1st class garden, lovely host! And muffins good too!"
Sheila & Colin Sullivan, driven all the way from Billericay in Essex
after seeing The Mail on Sunday article on 23rd June.

"What an interesting use of a small area! We learnt a lot!"
Carol & Olivia.

The Mayors Open Garden Trail 23rd June 2013

"What a fantastic day Geoff !!! Thanks so much for all that you and everyone else have done to make this terrific community project a huge success !! I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the gardens even though the weather recently has done its best to mess all the hard work up . You are definitely one of the true community heroes of Seaford and one the we are very proud of . Great work , great fun !!! Thank you once again for all that you have done."
Cllr. Anthony White, Mayor of Seaford.

National Gardens Scheme Festival weekend 15th & 16th June 2013

"An inspirational garden on a scale we can recognise."
Roger & Dianne Mead

"Who needs a lawn? Great use of space! Wonderful planting."
Jennie Wood

*** Mayor of Seaford, Cllr. Anthony White ***

"Thank you so much for your support for the mayor and charities both past and ongoing, Seaford is proud of its associations and voluntary groups and Driftwood Garden is extremely highly regarded for the efforts that it consistently offers."
May 2013

Surrey Hardy Plants Society 25th May 2013

"What a lovely day it was on Saturday. Your garden was looking splendid despite it being a bit early in the year for you. We realised you had worked hard to get it ready for the middle of May.Thank you so much for your warm welcome and hospitality."
Angela Baker, Sec HPS

Outline TV Productions April 2013

"It was such a privilege to come and see your garden- both myself and Clare were really impressed with what you have done. We will most definitely bear you in mind for any future programmes to do with gardens as yours is an exemplary example of what can be done and your garden is truly worthy of being shown on television."
Rebecca Leopold, Researcher, Outline TV Productions
April 2013

*** Garden News Judges Comments ***

"Small gardens can be a challenge trying to fit in everything you want. They're even more of a challenge when they're on a slope, making them look even smaller. But Geoff Stonebanks has created something special, filling his garden with huge range of plants without making the garden look cramped. Individual sculptures and the results of Geoff's beach combing (he lives close to the sea) equal a coastal heaven with its own distinctive personality."
Geoff Hodge, Judge Garden News Garden Competition
September 2012

"Seaside special! Crammed and quirky this colourful Sussex garden is a worthy winner. This Sussex seaside garden spot pushes the boundaries of how much you can cram in to one small garden."
Greg Loades, Garden Writer, Garden News
October 2012

ARTWAVE 2012: 25th August to 9th September

"Wonderfully uplifting! Thank you."
Wendy Maples, Lewes

"Amazing garden, beautiful art, so much in a small space."
Jeremy Moulsdale

"Lovely way to spend an afternoon. Great art, tea and cakes, gorgeous!"
Maureen & Judy, Seaford

"Such a beautiful garden, lovely sculptures/ceramics, loved the owls and Mark's wonderful paintings."
John & Jane Parsons

"Stunning! a really perfect way to end a day!"
Wendy Osorio, Surrey

"Fabulous, a vision became a beautiful reality. The visit was a perfect treat for my wife's birthday."
Judith & John Wilson, Peterborough

"A visual extravaganza! Thank you! Really good tea too!"
John & Kate Bailey

"Nice cup of tea, very interesting art work. Something around every corner!"
Pat Kent, Eastbourne

Private Visit to Celebrate Birthday 18th August 2012

"All I can say is THANKS you made the experience so wonderful for my mother. In fact, for all of us!! Your garden is obviously beautiful but your vibrant personality and easy-going nature, certainly adds an extra sparkle!"
Jacqueline Isabeaudoo, Seaford

National Gardens Scheme 12th August 2012

"I thought your garden was stunning and beatifully designed, so full of wondeful collections of plant and objet d'art. Your hospitality and friendliness shone through."
Sheila Weatherill, Croydon

"Awe inspiring! Didn't want to leave!"
Rod Shepherd, Hove

"Wow! You are an inspiration, stunning garden. Well done!"
Linda Clarke, Bexhill

"Living in Spain for 10 years, it is wonderful to see a beautiful english garden THANK YOU."
Hazel Brooks

"Every area is created with passion and beauty and intrigue!"
J Heron

"Came around the corner and said "WOW" utterly fabulous."
Pete and Chris Andrews-Dawson

Macmillan Garden Trail 5th August 2012

"You are a diamond Geoff, this was so well organised, you put in a great deal of work. If it wasn't for people like you these charities wouldn't exist. Good on you, I feel priveleged to be a part of it."
Julie Basham, garden owner

"Awesome! Stunning! Very well done Geoff!"
Karen Rayner

"Well done and thank you! A privilege to visit."
Brendan & Frances Dole

"So much to inspire, gorgeous."
Jan, Telscombe Cliffs

"Most enjoyable oasis of calm, lovely to rest and reflect!"
Ingrid Street

"Congratulations Geoff – for all your enthusiasm – and vision. What a wonderful result!"
Caroline Archer, Garden owner

National Gardens Scheme 22nd July 2012

"What an inspiration! Truly wonderful! Many thanks."
Maggie and Laurence

"Greatly enjoyed our visit, so different and a surprise around every corner."
John & Betty

"Amazing! So well cared for! Such care in the design!"
Frances Sadd

"It just gets better each year! Congratulations on giving such pleasure to so many!"
Ann Jacobs

*** Daily Mail Judges Comments ***

"I've seen hundreds of gardens over the 21 years of judging the Daily Mail Competition and believe me, you are up there with the best of them."
Hamish Webb, Judge Daily Mail National Garden Competition
July 2012

"This bright, beach-inspired plot embraces its location with imaginative planting."
Tim Sharples, Chair Daily Mail National Garden Competition Judges
August 2012

"Nick, Tim and myself found choosing a winner from four such fantastic gardens very difficult. Any of the four were good enough to win, different judges may, I suppose, have chosen a different winner".
Hamish Webb, Judge Daily Mail National Garden Competition
July 2012

1st Mayors Open Garden Trail 8th July 2012

"And big thanks to you Geoff for the vision & organisation. You did us all proud."
Sam Shippen: Town Clerk

"Eye opening collection of gardens!!"
John Burgess

"The most fantastic garden. Wonderful sculptures and beautifully displayed, inspiring pictures, really wonderful!"
Chris & Jo Burchell Collins

"Imaginative planting, interesting areas to explore - delightful!"
Jenny & Colin Garton

National Gardens Scheme 1st July 2012

"Beautifully thought out garden, but also intuitive, creative and inspirational. And tightly maintained!!"
Jill Tattersall

"Wonderful! Love it! Worth the journey from Worcester Park Surrey!. Good Luck with Daily Mail judging on Friday"
Mike & Tish Bartlett Jones

"This garden is a labour of love and reflects the splendour of God!."
M Angelakis

"Just shows what you can do with a difficult site and boundless imagination. We really enjoyed our visit."
I & R Jones

National Gardens Scheme 19th June 2012

"Absolutely immaculate, as ever!"
Rosie Lloyd, Asst County Organiser, NGS

"Wonderful patchwork of plants, objects, design etc all well thought out and beautifully juxtaposed."
Dorry & Alan

"Lovely to have a small garden you can relate to!."
Pauline Hellards

"A wonderful small garden, well worth the visit - very tranquil."
D Wakely

"Thankyou for the DRIFTWOOD experience - the colour & the sunny corners - the tea!!!"
Jane & Margaret

"Driftwood in Seaford is like a mini Giverny, giving a colour palette similar to Giverny."
Charlotte Weychan

"The work you have put into raising money for all the different charities combined with the different experiences and emotions Driftwood Garden brings to people is a hard equation to beat."
Rosa Bottrill

St Wilfrid's Secret Garden June 2012

"I want this garden. It is the most beautiful garden I've ever visited and it is a great inspiration."
Gill & Trevor Richards

"Fantastic, quirky, really interesting! Brilliant."
Sarah & Daniel

"Absolutely delightful. Much appreciation to you for all the thought and work put in to this beautiful garden."
Dionne Lee-Williams

"A real joy! A lovely surprise around every corner"
Helen & Molly

Jubilee Weekend 2012

"There's hardly an inch of space where there isn't something growing and it's so beautifully planted you'll love your visit."
Charlotte Weychan

"As for your garden Geoff - I really can't get over it. I can only express it in a string of superlatives - stunning would be just the beginning. I have huge admiration for the way you have approached the whole fund-raising enterprise and your pure professionalism over the whole venture. You deserve all the accolades, editorials, interest - and more."
Gillian Weaver

"Delightful/wonderful Aladins cave of a garden.... I shall return again and again.... A masterful work of art."
Susan Kleiman

"Beautiful garden, feels ten times the size it is. What a great achievement!"
Sarah Wilson

Artwave 2011

"You have a great variety of artists and artwork and the way in which you have displayed it in your various garden rooms is extremely creative. You give your visitors a really inviting welcome and then allow them to feel free to browse and enjoy and work out what they want to buy. There is a real skill in allowing the customer to take time to enjoy and make decisions and you and Mark have cracked it. You are truly representing your artists and I am sure they are very appreciative."
Angie Osborne

"Congratulations on another excellent Artwave and for organising the impressive collection for the new Cancer Centre. People leave Driftwood with such positive feelings about your work and that encourages them to give generously! So it is really a big thank you to you both."
Sylvia Argyle

"Different everywhere you look - fantastic! Ace hosts too!"
Diane & Emmeline Ravilious

"Absorbing, inspiring... a local treasure and brilliant cakes."
Duncan & Deborah

"Amazing garden and what a setting for the art - wonderful. Thank you! "
Penny Ellis

"Wonderful and creative garden and art in keeping. "
Di Langley

"Fantastic creativity."
Rosa Botterill

"Goodness, an inspiration! Loved the wooden sculptures."

The Mayor's Open Garden 14th August 2011

"Lovely - lots of little rooms full of surprises. Brilliant!"
Eddie Sharon

"A Fairy tale come true!"
Ursula Paula

St Andrews Church Opening 23rd July 2011

"Very inspirational - a hidden treasure - peaceful and tranquil - I'll return!"
Janice C

"Beautiful ambience, so peaceful, artistic and creative!"
Sarah Pell

Seaford Open Garden Day 17th July 2011

"Full of atmosphere, a lovely example of a labour of love."
Jan Tapper

"Totally envious, hope mine will get to look like this one day!"
H Marshall

The Garden Gadabout 2nd & 3rd July 2011

"Beauty is something which this world values less and less. We are desperately in need of spaces like this."
Alex Balerdi

"I saw a garden today that warmed my heart! It was immaculately presented and open for charity, but so filled with love and creative spirit that I'll never forget it! We're talking about a plot that's on a steep gradient and very close to the sea, but Geoff has worked wonders here ... so do go and visit if you can!
Charlotte Weychan

"Wonderful, inspiring garden, the best I've ever visited. Thank you!"
Maggie Hansen

"Probably the best small garden we have ever seen and on second visit it was even better!"
Evelyn Ransom

"Wonderful garden, full of interest and creativity - it's given me plenty of inspiration."
D & G Randall

" A feast for the senses! I didn't want to leave!"
Jennie & Dave Langly

Baskervilles Private Garden Club Visit 27th June 2011

"A treasure chest of stunning plants and artwork."
Maggie Whitmore

"Lost for words - an amazing garden."
Jenny Pale

The National Gardens Scheme 25th June 2011

"Great ideas for plant combinations and use of containers."
Valerie & Mike King

"A wonderful unique garden, full of interest - truly amazing."
J Dean

"Impressive! Such hard work - individual and terrific."
Lola Bunbury-Davis

"A fabulous garden - so much to see and take in. Will visit again to see what we've missed!"
John & Margaret Downham

The Cinnamon Trust 18th June 2011

"Beautiful garden - imaginatively planted - very inspirational."
J Carroll

"Love it, it's a real little paradise."
Liz Holland

Artwave 2010

"A delightfully arty garden"
Sheila Matthews

"This garden gets better and better each year.
It deserves to be in the NGS Yellow Book! It is beautiful. Well done!"

Janice Dennington

"The most imaginative garden we have ever seen! Full marks!!!!"
A.H. Thompson

"An hour was insufficient to enjoy the diversity of artists work and
wonderful planting thank you"

Jan Pollard

"Well! What a delight, I didn't have enough eyes!"
Lesley Atkinson

"Fabulous garden and cup cakes!"
Lyn & Peter Drewett

"Absolutely magical garden, full of original ideas and inspirations."
Eileen Wottsford

"Fabulous, can't stop coming back!"
Mags Karn

"Lovely, liked the different levels, textures and planting. Well done!"
Margaret Page

"Even better than last year - did not think that was possible!"
Angela Coburn

St Andrews Church Opening August 2010

"Like walking in to another world, very relaxing."
Linda Wallraven

Seaford Open Garden Day July 2010

"Absolutely fantastic! Love the fun & follies!"
Paula Elliot

The Garden Gadabout June 2010

"Inspirational plant combinations. Absolutely wonderful! Delicious teas!!"
Jane & Lance Hattat

"An inspirational use of small space(s). Thank you! "
Imogen & Roger Taylor

"I had a memorable time visiting, you come across with so much love and passion
for what you are doing that it is a must to come again!"

Sally-Mae Joseph